Wednesday, November 12, 2008


ok well something I have a talent in is singing, I have been doing it for a while well about three and a half years. Well I really didn’t think i could sing because I never really tried it when I was little I was really shy, when i was about 12 or so I was at my church and this pastor came to me and said that god was going to use me to sing and when i hard that I was like ok that will never happen. So time went by and nothing really happened after 2 years after that. I was at my friends quincenera and she was interested in sing so the music leader wanted to hear her voice to see how she sang, and he also called me because someone had told him I sang good! So now its was me and her i was very scared to sing just because I had never really sang by my self before. After that day I began to sing in the church band and the put me and my friend to be the choir and then they added one two more girls which was ok but it was hard to get use to them. During these 3 and a half years they changed music leaders and I have been the only girl that was there ever since the beginning and i mean it feels good . Now I’m also in the youth group band, so i really have to practice really hard. I currently have a music teacher Jerson Perez he’s my boyfriends brother in law and my boyfriends sister is one of my best friends but Jerson helps me so much and its really nice to get some help once in a while. I really love music and i love to sing so that is my talent and what I love to do I might not be that good but I do it for god and I love it!

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Well my family is really how I would say well we are really united. I have 5 people in my family 2 boys and just me the only girls! My dads name is Isaac has 51 although he seems old he is not my dad is still active and does a lot of moving activities. Ever since my dad was a kid he always played soccer till this day my dad has played soccer and he has thought me to play and have a passion for soccer as well. My dad is really nice and I really love him. My dad also plays the drums he use to be in a band when he was in collage. My mom / like best friend is named Eunice she is way fun and we get along so well because im here only girl so we do a lot of stuff together and its way awsome . I'm really proud of my mom she does everything for us and she really gets me anything I want! My mom has thought me a lot of things that help and will help me out wit life when I get older. My mom is 41 and she looks like she is thirty she looks way young like my sister! Isaac Jr. is my older brother he is turning 22 on November 28 whoot whoot birthday! Ok anyways back to Isaac well I have learned a lot from him I love my brother he takes me anywhere I want to go and he will do anything to make me happy im his little sister so he really shows me a lot of love! My brother is a recording engineer he records music and makes it too. Isaac plays the sax he is amazing he stared playing when he was 9 and he also knows alot about music he plays some bass and guitar, Isaac is really involved with music. Joel is my other brother all I can say bout him is WOW, Joel is turning 21 on November 26 yay party! So Joel lives in Florida for now he is in school to be a Pastor of the assemblies of god. Joel’s life has changed a lot he was going to go to school to be a doctor but god changed his life and now he is going to bible school. Joel love music Joel plays the trumpet and the piano the bass and guitar and sings! Joel is way funny and nice he is really sweet and nice just an amazing brother. Joel also plays soccer! I love them very much!!! OK well now is me im yajaira and i'm 17 and I love music!!! As you can tell my whole family does. I sing and I play some guitar and bass and the drums!!! I love any music. I love to play soccer its so fun just playing with guys its way fun. I love to watch movies and the one thing I have a passion for is god and church!! I go to church on Sunday we have 3 services 1 in English and 2 in Spanish I sing in them so i’m always there, then on Tuesday for bible study and then Thursday for practice on Friday cuz I sing with the youth band then on Friday I go to church for youth service and I go on Saturday to practice for Sunday so I pretty much spend a lot of time at church which is great! The church has a lot of youth and we always do fun thing like have bon fires and go watch movies and go bowling its just so amazing you just have to be there to know how fun it is ! Well that’s all I have to say and that’s about my family and I love it!!